Meetings and Conferences


It is our aim to spread the knowledge of the world of cacti and succulent plants. To that end we organize periodic conferences, round tables, meetings, exhibitions... for the general public to approach this wonderful botanical world and love it and value it as much as we do.


   We also have the Association of Friends of the Garden, who meet on a regular basis to discuss and exchange knowledge on all aspects about this fantastic universe of cactus.



    We also have the annual organization of the Cacti and Succulent plants Fair, here in the Garden. We intend it to be a common forum with talks, exchanges, sales, exhibitions, competitions, conferences... for anyone who wants to enter this world, or is already immersed in it, can share time and experiences with people who have the same interest. 



     Our facilities are here for anyone wishing to gain knowledge of the world of cacti and succulent plants. Any type of event required can be organized, please contact us if interested.